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IMR Quarterly Bulletin (Bulletin IMR)
Table of Contents
48 (2000) || 47 (1998) || 45 (1998) || 44 (1998) || 43 (1997) || 42 (1997) || 41 (1997) || 40 (1997) || 39 (1996) || 38 (1996)

37 (1996) || 36 (1996) || 35 (1995) || 34 (1995) || 33 (1995) || 32 (1994) || 31 (1994) || 30 (1993)

29 (1992) || 28 (1992) || 27 (1991) || 26 (1990) || 25 (1989) || 24 (1989) || 23 (1988)

No. 48(July 2000)
    1. Environmental Changes, Water Resources and Communicable Disease : a Global Perspective
      -- Dr. Kwa Boo Hoe
    2. Heavy_Metal Aspects of Water Pollution
      --Dr. Wan Azlina Ahmad
    3. Surveillance and Monitoring of Water Quality in Malaysia
      --Ms. Noor Suhailah Othman
    4. Arsenic Pollution in Water - Is it a public health problem?
      --Dr. Sumitra Sithamparam
    5. Quality of Raw and Treated Water in Selangor 1997
      --Dr. Ahmad Shukor Mohd Noor
    6. National Surveillance on Antibiotic Resistance Report for 1998
      --Dr. Rohani Md. Yasin

No. 47(December 1998)

    1. A study on the Oral Health Status of Trainee Teachers in the Teachers' Training Colleges in the State of Pahang
      -- Normala M.R. & Su KL
    2. "Door-to-needle" infusion time for streptokinase patients with acute myocardial infarction
      -- N.Nevidita & How LG
    3. Therapeutic Drug Monitoring - A study on sampling time
      --Zaidi A.

No. 46 - No Publication

No. 45(June 1998)

Scientific Seminar in Conjunction with the Launch of the National Coordination Committee for the National Institutes of Health, 3rd. November 1997.

      1. Opening speech by the Honorable Minister of Health
        -- Dato' Chua Jui Meng
      2. Keynote address by the Director-General of Health Malaysia
        -- Tan Sri Dato' Dr. Abu Bakar Suleiman
      3. New Horizons in Health
        -- S.T.Han
      4. Lifestyles Diseases
        -- Dato' Hj. Wan Mahmud Othman
      5. Commercialization of Research Results: Product Research and Development, the NIH perspective.
        -- Dato' M. Jegathesan
      6. Recent Advances and Future Directions in Tropical Diseases Research.
        -- J.W.Mak
      7. Contributions of Seameo-Tropmed Towards the Development of Health in the Region.
        -- Tan Chongsuphajaisiddhi
      8. Recent Advances and Future Directions in Environment and Occupational Health.
        -- K.G. Rampal

No.44 (Mac 1998)

    1. HIV/AIDS : research on its socio-behavioral dimensions and societal support activities.
      -- Haliza MR ; Pataki-Schweiser KJ.
    2. Public perception and response to haze pollution in Kuala Lumpur.
      -- Norana J ; Hasmarul OA ; Haliza MR ; Pataki-Schweizer KJ.
    3. Health behaviours and family determinants.
      -- Amal Nasir Mustafa
    4. Confusion over the use of serum cholesterol "cut-off" levels.
      -- Tony Ng Kock Wai
    5. Nutritional value od soya bean and products.
      -- Tee E Siong
    6. Osteoporosis in post menopausal women.
      -- Anisah Abu Bakar.

No. 43 (Dec.1997)

    1. Urban environmental health: experiences of healthy city projects.
      -- H. Ogawa
    2. Environmental contaminants in food.
      -- P.J.Cressey ; R.W.Vannoort
    3. Water quality - problems and solutions.
      -- M.S.Pillay ; Mohd Zaharon Mohd Taha
    4. Air pollution in Malaysia.
      -- Muhamad Awang ; M.Nasir Hassan ; Noor Alshurdin Md Salleh ; A.M.Abdullah

No. 42 (Sept.1997)

    1. Blastocystis hominis : commercial or pathogenic?
      -- Init I ; Lokman Hakim S ; Yong HS
    2. Vibrio cholerae in the environment.
      -- Norazah Ahmad
    3. Common etiologic agents cutaneous mycoses.
      -- Mohd Fuat Abd Razak ; S.Parameswari
    4. Practical aspects of laboratory diagnosis of tuberculosis.
      -- Abdul Rassip Che Nun
    5. Genetic deversity of human immunodeficiency virus.
      -- T.S.Saraswathy
    6. DNA sequencing - an outline.
      -- Ravindran Thayan
    7. Advances on dengue vectors reseach in Malaysia.
      -- Lee HL

No. 41 (June 1997)

    1. Molecular approaches to the study of drug resistant genes in Plasmodium Falciparum.
      -- Patricia KC Lim
    2. Molecular genetic studies of paediatric diseases.
      -- Alan SB Khoo
    3. Biomakers in the assessment of exposures to environmental hazadous chemicals.
      -- Zakiah Ismail
    4. Beta-thalassaemia in Malaysia.
      -- Rahimah Ahmad
    5. Laboratory diagnosis of thalassaemias and haemoglobinopathies at the IMR.
      -- Chin Yuet Meng
    6. General considerations in vitamin B12 deficiency.
      -- Aliza Mohd. Yacob
    7. National drug quality control programme.
      -- Mohd. Isa Wasiman
No. 40 (Mac 1997)
    1. Aflatoxins - health effects and implications for control.
      -- Lye Munn Sann
    2. Observations on cultural and community : interpretations for behavioural research.
      -- K.J. Pataki-Schweiser
    3. Body fat status of Medical Laboratory Technologist Trainees at the Institute for Medical Research, Kuala Lumpur.
      -- Wan Nudri Wan Daud
    4. Rancangan makanan tambahan sekolah (School supplementary feeding programme)
      -- Aziz Ibrahim
    5. Healthy eating : recipe for good health
      -- Tee E Siong
    6. A community-based intervention programme for dengue control in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
      -- Haliza Mohd.Riji ; KJ Pataki-Schweizer
No. 39 (Dec.1996)

    Establishment of the Environmental Health Research Center.
    Panel discussion : Healthy cities : present and future development, 21 November 1996

    1. Text of the opening address by Dato' Dr. M.Jegathesan
    2. Country health cities programme - Malaysia
      -- Dr. Rozlan Ishak ; Dr. Mohd. Taha Arif ; Dr. S. Sarojini
    3. Environmental health research needs - towards development of healthy cities.
      -- Ir. Dr. M.S.Pillay
    4. International perspectives and strategies for the development of healthy cities.
      Healthy cities and healthy islands in the Western Pacific Region 1991-1996 (Conference report)
      -- Dr. H.Ogawa

No. 38 (Sept.1996)

    1. Dengue vaccine development.
      -- Mangalam Sinniah ; A.Igarashi
    2. Use of molecular biology tools in vector control.
      -- Indra Vythilingam
    3. Incidence of Japenese Encephalitis in Malaysia for the year 1993-1995.
      -- V.Balasubramaniam ; S.Zainah ; M. Halimah ; M.Sinniah ; LK Teh ; I.Aziah ; PC Lee
    4. Malaria and drug resistance
      -- Lokman Hakim S
    5. In vitro diagnostic techniques for allergies
      -- THo Tze Ming
    6. Summary of 1996 Antibiotic Resistance Surveillance Results.
      -- Rohani Md Yassin
No. 37 (June 1996)
    1. Basic information on multi myeloma
      --Zawiah Ahmad
    2. Application of biotechnology in the production of pharmaceuticals
      -- Kong Swee Lan
    3. Young diabetes study
      -- Wan Nazaimon Wan Mahmud
    4. Migraine and food allergy
      -- Shahnaz Murad
    5. Constitutional chromosome analysis : current status.
      -- Ten Sew Keoh
    6. Malaysia's National External Quality Assessment Scheme for clinical chemistry.
      --Lim How Hin
    7. Fluorescence in situ hybidisation (FISH) in cytogenetics
      --Puteri J.Noor Megat Baharuddin
    8. Detection of point mutation in IVS-2 # 654 of (-globin gene in (-thalassaemia cases by dot-blot hybridization
      -- Nor Rizan Kamaluddin.
    9. Three-colour monoclonal antibody combinations for the determination of lymphocyte subsets.
      -- J.S.Dhaliwal
    10. Studies on some biochemical and other changes in Malaysians with hepatocellular carcinoma.
      -- Joseph Bercmans Lopez

No. 36 (Mac 1996)

    1. An insight into recommended dietry allowances (RDA)
      -- Tee E Siong
    2. Palm oil research at the Institute for Medical Research, Ministry of Health, Malaysia
      -- Tony Ng Kock Wai
    3. Meliodosis in humans
      -- Norazah Ahmad
    4. Traditional medicine research in Malaysia : the behavioural perspective
      -- Haliza Mohd. Riji
    5. Laboratory diagnosis of lupus anticoagulants in SLE patients
      -- Roshidah Ishak
    6. Summary of 1995 antibiotics resistance surveillance results
      -- Rohani Md. Yassin
No. 35 (Dec.1995)
    1. Laboratory safety and control of laboratory infections.
      -- Norazah Ahmad
    2. The use of polymerase chain reaction (PCR) in malaria research.
      -- Patricia Lim K.C.
    3. Immunological approaches to the diagnosis of parasitic diseases.
      -- JW Mak
    4. Trends in HIV testing.
      -- Mangalam S.
    5. Practical aspects of laboratory diagnosis of dengue.
      -- Vijayamalar B.
    6. Summary of 1994 antibiotics resistance surveillance results
      --Rohani MY
    7. National Surveillance of antibiotics resistance 1994.
      -- Rohani Md. Yassin
    8. Cytokines
      -- HK Gill
    9. Sudies on alkaloids and antitumor activity of hunteria zetlanica : Abstract of thesis
      -- Latifah Ibrahim
    10. Pengesanan mutasi pada gen beta globin melalui teknik nonradioaktif.
      -- Nor Rizan Kamaluddin
    11. Distribution of lambornella stegomyiae in container breeding mosquotoes in Malaysia.
      -- Indra Vythilingam
    12. Microwave radiation and life.
      -- Mohd. Khadri S.
    13. The epidemiology of leukaemias.
      -- Chin Yuet Meng
    14. Streptococcal infection as seen in bacteriology Division, IMR
      -- Rohani Md.Yassin
No. 34 (June 1995)
    1. Role of cytogenetics in hematological malignancies.
      --Ten Sew Keoh
    2. Anticardiolipin antibodies
      -- Azizah Mohd. Radzi
    3. Coagulation services - a survey
      -- Roshidah Ishak
    4. Thalassaemias.
      -- Radha Kesavapillai.
    5. The potential of mosquito-indigestible phytoplankton for mosquito control.
      -- Rohani Ahmad
    6. Detection of pesticide residues in aquatic ecosystem.
      --Nazni Wasi Ahmad
    7. Are our current serum indices for risk to coronary heart disease adequate?
      --Tony Ng Kock Wai
    8. Latex hypersensitivity in health care workers.
      -- Dr. Shahnaz Murad
    9. Type I latex hypersensitivity : abstract of thesis.
      -- Azizah Mohd. Radzi
No. 33 (Mac 1995)
    1. Biomakers for molecular epidemiological studies of cancer.
      -- Alan Khoo Soo Beng
    2. Papanicolaou - the man and his test.
      -- B. Pillay
    3. Sarcoptes scabiei : parasite of the skin
      -- Normaznah Yahaya
    4. Advanced glycosylation end-products and diabetic complications.
      -- Dr. Wan Nazaimon Wan Mohamud
    5. A novel method for the control of Mansonia larvae.
      --Lee Han Lim
    6. A molecular approach to human immunodeficiency virus diagnosis.
    7. Studies on cercarial dermatitis among paddy planters in certain endemic areas in Peninsular Malaysia.
      -- K.Inder Singh
    8. Flowcytometry at the IMR
      -- Jasbir Singh Dhaliwal
    9. Novel mosquitocidal bacteria isolated from Malaysia.
      -- Lee Han Lim : Seleena Poorani
No. 32 (Dec. 1994)
      Human popillomavirus - its role in female genital tract cancer.
      -- B. Pillay
    1. Risk factors for low birthweight : ahospital-based case-control study.
      -- Amal Nasir Mustafa
    2. Vectors in Japanese encephalitis in Malaysia.
      --Indra Vythilingam
    3. National Conference on setting of research priorities for the medical sector for the 7th. Malaysia Plan.
      --Dr. Ho Tze Ming.
    4. Cytogenetic services offered by IMR
      -- Chin Yuet Meng
    5. Cryglobulins.
      -- Pn.Zawiah Ahmad
    6. Changing trends in the immunoassay techniques for serum progesterone.
      --Ismail Abd.Rahman ; N. Satgunasingam
    7. Haemophilia A.
      -- Roshidah Ishak
    8. Blastocystis hominis: a pathogen or a commercial?
      -- Mohamed Kamel Abd.Ghani
    9. Nutritional and health claims related to vitamin and mineral & supplements : a review.
      --Tony Ng Kock Wai
No. 31 (June 1994)
    1. The role of National AIDS Reference Laboratory in Malaysia's Plan of Action for the preventin and control of AIDS.
      -- Dr. Mangalam Sinniah.
    2. Presentations during World AIDS Day
      i.  HIV-virology and laboratory diagnosis
           -- Zainah Saat
      ii.  Epidemiology of HIV in Malaysia
           -- Zainuddin Wahab
    3. Programme objectives and strategies for the prevention, control and management of HIV/AIDS in Malaysia
      --Zainuddin Wahab.
    4. Opportunistic parasitic infections in AIDS patients.
      --Karen Lai Peng Foon
    5. Determination of time of death by using fly maggots recovered from dead body.
      -- Lee Han Lin
    6. Detection of antibodies to extractable nuclear antigens by CIEP
      -- Azizah Mohd. Radzi
    7. The nutritional impact of the Malaysian school supplementary feeding programme : abstract of thesis.
      -- Mirnalini Kandiah
No. 30 (Dec.1993)
    1. Medical and health information for the year 2020 =[Maklumat perubatan dan
      kesihatan di tahun 2020]
      -- J.L. Fernadez-Ireland
    2. Medico-eclolical studies in the Pergau Hydroelactric Project area.=[Tinjauan keatas perubahan-perubahan ekologi di kawasan projek hidro-lerik Pergau].
      -- Karen P.F.Lai
    3. Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) analysis by flow cytometry.
      -- Chin Yuet Meng
    4. Syudy of the Epstein Barr virus receptor molecules : abstract of thesis.
      -- Vijayamalar Balasubramaniam
    5. Production of monoclonal antibody towards Haemophilus ducreyi.
      -- Rohani Md.Yassin
No. 29 (Dec. 1992)
    1. Personal protection against mosquitoes = [Perlindungan diri terhadap nyamuk]
      -- Chiang Geok Lian
    2. A dot-immunobinding assay for detection of Rickettsia tsutsugamushi in its vectors
      = [ Dot-immunobinding assay untuk pengesanan Rickettsia tsutsugamushi di dalam vektornya.
      -- Ho Tze Ming
    3. Acute respiratory infection in children : a community-based intervention study
      =[ Jangkitan saluran pernafasan akut; kajian halangan berasas masyarakat]
      -- Lye Munn Sann
    4. The immunization programme =[Program immunisasi]
      -- T.S.Saraswathy
    5. Clinical applications of human growth hormone measurements : abstract of thesis.
      -- Wan Nazaimon Wan Mahmod
    6. Seroepidemiological, immunological, and molecular studies of Mycobacterium leprae infection : abstract of thesis.
      -- Gan Seng Chew
    7. Production and characterization of monoclonal antibodies against the malarial parasites Plasmodium falciparum and Plasmodium cynomolgi : abstract of thesis.
      -- Patricia Lim Kim Chooi
No. 28 (June 1992)
    1. Diagnostic techniques resistance in malaria= [Teknik-teknik diagnosis penyakit malaria]
      -- Patricia Lim Kim Chooi
    2. Cryptosporidiosis amon Malaysians = [Penyakit cryptosporidium di Malaysia].
      -- Karen Lai Peng Foon
    3. A novel immunoassay technology, the MEIA=[Satu teknologi imunoasai MEIA]
      -- Joseph B.Lopez
    4. HIV testing facilities at the National AIDS Reference Laboratory, IMR =[Kemudahan ujian HIV di Makmal Rujukan AIDS Kebangsaan, IMR]
      -- Randel Fang
    5. National Antibiotic Resistance Surveillance Programme 1991=[Rancamgam Pengawasan Keresistanan Antibiotik Kebangsaan 1991.
    6. Immune responses to Mycobacterium leprae in healthy humans and leprosy patients : abstract of thesis.
      -- Harvinder Kaur Gill
No. 27 (June 1991)
    1. Diagnostic service in reproductive endocrinology = [Perkhidmatan diagnostik dalam bidang endokrinologi reproduktif]
      -- N.Satgunasingam
    2. The WHO Regional Anti-malaria Team = [Pasukan Anti-malaria Serantau Pertubuhan Kesihatan Sedunia WHO].
      -- John Storey
    3. Haematology Division's Collaborative Research on palm oil and palm vitamin E=[Penyelidikan Usahasama Bahagian Kajidarah tentang minyak kelapa sawit dan vitamin E kelapa sawit]
      -- Roshidah Ishak
    4. Total aflatoxins in foods : a rapid screen =[Jumlah aflatoksin dalam makanan: satu kaedah penyaringan segera]
      -- Siti Maizura Shahid
    5. Diagnostic work of the Division of Cytology =[Kerja-kerja pendiagnosisan Bahagian Sitologi].
      -- B.Pillai
    6. Nude mice=[Tikus gondol].
      -- Fuzina Noor Hussein
    7. History of IMR Vaccines Production Unit=[Sejarah Unit Pengeluaran Vaksin IPP].
      -- Tan Lee Lee
No. 26 (Dec.1990)
    1. Oral cancer in Malaysia = [Kanser mulut di Malaysia]
      -- Ng Kok Han
    2. Flow cytometry =[Sitometri aliran].
      -- Jasbir S.Dhaliwal
    3. Computerization in IMR = [Sistem komputer di IMR]
      -- Lye Munn Sann
    4. Recent advances in viral hepatitis = [Perkembangan terbaru hepatitis viral]
      -- Mangalam Sinniah
    5. Behavioural studies in traditional medicine = [Kajian behavioral dalam perubatan tradisional].
      -- Haliza Mohd.Riji
    6. IMR's participation in SEAMEO = [Sumbangan IMR dalam SEAMEO].
      -- Ow-Yang Chee Keong
    7. Laboratory and field studies of mansonia and Coquillettidia mosquitoes in relation to ecology and transmission of filariasis in Malaysia : abstract of thesis.
      -- Chiang Geok Lian
No. 25 (Dec.1989)
    1. Closure of the United State of Army Medical Research Unit at the IMR = [Penutupan Unit Penyelidikan Perubatan Tentera Amerika Syarikat di IMR]
      -- Joseph B.Lopez
    2. Leprosy in Malaysia =[Kusta di Malaysia].
      -- S.C.Gan
    3. Polymerase chain reaction = [Tindak balas rantai polimerase]
      -- Y.M.Chin
    4. Development of biotechnology in IMR = [Perkembangan bioteknologi di IMR]
      -- S.Ambu
    5. National Antibiotic Resistance Surveillance Programme (July-August 1989) = [Program Pengawasan Keresistanan Antibiotik Kebangsaan (Julai-Ogos 1989)].
No. 24 (June 1989)
    1. Chronic myeloid leukemia cytogenetics & molecular biology studies = [Kajian sitogenetik & biologi molekul leukemia mieloid kronik]
    2. National HLA tissue typing service = [Khidmat penjenisan tisu HLA Kebangsaan].
      -- K.D.Sukumaran
    3. Detection of human immunodeficiency virus by an enzyme = [Pengesanan virus kurang daya tahan manusia dengan teknik imunoasai enzim]
      -- Randel Fang
    4. Nutritive value of fish = [Nilai pemakanan ikan]
      -- Tee E.Siong
    5. Clinical Research Centre = [Pusat penyelidikan Klinikal)].
    6. Systematics of macrochelidae (Acari : Mesotigmata) in Central Peninsular Malaysia, and field and laboratory studies of Macrocheles Muscaedomesticae (Scopoli) as a potential agent for biocontrol of Musca Domestica L.in poultry manure : abstract of theses
      -- Ho Tze Ming
No. 23 (Dec.1988)
    1. Blood lipids, arterial thrombosis and palm oil = [Lipid darah, trombosis arteri dan minyak sawit]
    2. Bacillus thuringiensis serotype H-14 : a microbial serotype weapon for mosquito control= [Bacillus thuringiensis serotip H-14 : senjata mikro yang berpotensi untuk kawalan nyamuk].
      -- Lee Han Lim
    3. Mass chromatography - mass selective detector (GC-MSD) = [Gas chromatograph- pengesan mass selective (GC-MSD) : satu perkembangan baru di dalam pengesanan dadah]
      --Badrul Amini